The global currency market is the biggest most liquid in the world with more than US$5 trillion-worth of transactions occurring each trading day. Market participants include single account traders, global banking giants, securities houses, central banks, sovereign governments and dedicated forex managers.

Here at Monex Financial, we offer our clients the opportunity to profit from the daily movements in the differences in the value of one currency against that of another. Small moves can mean large gains but they can mean large losses too if one is unprepared or inexperienced.

Monex Financial offers a fully managed foreign exchange investment service. We endeavor to provide clients choosing this unique service with superior returns while maintaining the highest professional standards and minimizing risk.

We have a team of highly-qualified professional traders with over 75 man years’ worth of experience gained at some of the most highly revered names in the world’s financial markets. Our service is done under the safest, most transparent business model in our industry.

Clients open a trading account with a forex broker of their choice or one recommended by Monex Financial. All funds are held in segregated accounts in the client’s name. Monex Financial is granted a limited power of attorney that enables our traders to action trades on their account with their broker but ultimately, only the client can remove those funds.

This service differs from our other services in that we do not charge a management fee based on the percentage of the size of the account. We are paid on performance – no win, no fee.