Our Values
Monex Financial culture has developed over the years since our inception but the fundamental characteristics that hallmark our practice remain as valid today as they’ve ever been. Many of our clients come to us through referrals from both trusted professionals like accountants or lawyers and, also, through friends who are existing Monex Financial clients. All our clients, new and existing, benefit from the following:

Client finances deserve to benefit from being managed by Monex Financial highly-experienced, consummate professionals. We adhere to time-honored investment methods whilst retaining the flexibility and open-mindedness to embrace new ways of doing things.

Monex Financial clients are invariably seeking a wealth manager with a disciplined, proactive attitude powering their efforts to help them achieve financial security. We base our investment methodology on the tenets of modern portfolio theory and insist our portfolios adhere to strict principles like sound diversification and careful asset allocation.

Monex Financial professionals are committed to helping clients achieve their financial goals. They are encouraged to seek professional qualifications and accreditation so that they may better serve the interests of their clients.

Monex Financial are fiercely independent and we preserve this status vigilantly. We know that the only way to give our clients the kind of solid, prudent advice and valuable service they demand is to be able to choose from all the products and assets available on the market. This independence is reinforced by our commitment to earning our remuneration on a fee basis only. To this end, we refuse to accept commissions or other inducements from providers to recommend their products. This, we feel, removes any potential for conflict of interest and lets clients know that all decisions and recommendations we make on their behalf are driven only by their interests – not ours.

Individualized attention
Monex Financial clients are, first and foremost, individuals and we treat them as such. We refuse to categorize them and insist on evaluating each on their own unique set of circumstances.

The Team
From the boardroom all the way down to the mail room, Monex Financial strives for excellence. We believe that although the latest technological innovations are, without doubt, incredibly useful, the most important contributor to our and, therefore, our client’s  success, is the team.

When clients work with one of our advisers, they are accessing the experience of a select group of the market’s best professionals.

Only committed and experienced advisors with proven expertise and a demonstrable passion for their work are invited to join the Monex Financial family. Every adviser is dedicated to Monex Financial higher standards of client service and is rich in market knowledge.

Monex Financial fee-only approach to our remuneration means that clients can always be assured of receiving well-researched, unbiased advice that will never have anything but their sole interests as its motivation. Finally, our advisers have all exhibited an exceedingly high level of dedication to meeting the needs of high-net-worth individuals. For our clients, this means a professional relationship with a dedicated advisor endowed with the experience, expertise and level of commitment required to realize their investment objectives.