A welcome message from our CEO & Chairman of Monex Financial.

A warm welcome to Monex Financial, we believe in big ideas and that duality strategy is one of the best ways for our clients successful investment journey and in life.

The year 2015 was beneficial to us in helping us understand our own strengths better. Our resilience and our ability to adapt to unexpected situations proved once again that with teamwork and vision, we can move ahead successfully in our homeland of Tokyo and japan, enriching ourselves with knowledge, experience and the drive to achieve.

On the equity front, 2015 rallied off of the shock in equity markets that we saw in 2014, as investors were expecting the 2013 bull-run to continue. The oil price led to a drop in regional indices, triggering a major sell-off affecting performance across key markets that continue into 2015.

However, our portfolios have remained strong – very strong – carrying little direct exposure to many of the market segments that were affected by the geopolitical ramifications.

2015 is in the history books and we want everyone to come back in January well rested and ready to fully engage with 100 percent commitment, passion and energy.

It is a truly competitive world. The fact of the matter is that we have all proven to our clients that we can do it better, and they have rewarded us with loyalty that is very rare in today’s financial world. Granted, we have to earn our client’s trust every day and can never take anything for granted, but our clients are rooting for us and want us to win. It is a great feeling and we feel an incredible responsibility to never let them down.

Best wishes for the road ahead.

Stephen Kamamoto
CEO & Chairman,
Monex Financial