With interest rates around the world held near-zero for close to a decade, those of us wishing to preserve and/or accumulate wealth must now expose our money to more risk in order to get the kind of modest returns we used to earn from a common bank cash deposit account.

Monex Financial has acted as a guide through the difficult terrain of the global financial markets to both institutional and private individual clients for over 8 years, helping them to avoid the pitfalls and significantly reducing their exposure to risk.

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We believe that by carefully balancing the weighting given to each class, we can tailor each portfolio to its owner’s specific requirements not only at the outset but at any point in the investment time horizon. View our extensive range of services.

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Monex Financial is a fully independent investment and wealth management leader, with its retail and Corporate Trading division headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

All clients are unique and they all need purpose-built, bespoke solutions that address their similarly unique personal circumstances. In order to satisfy this most elementary provison, our professionals conduct a form of due diligence that helps to establish each client’s tolerances for investment risks and their future plans.

For the most part, many investment schemes can be complicated and their machinations tend to be beyond the understanding of most laymen. Most investors are unlikely to have the time needed to familiarize themselves with the intricacies of markets and the ways in which they work.

By leaving no stone unturned in our assessment of the investments we recommend to clients, we are able to identify risks that may not be apparent at first glance. We consider it our solemn duty to make sure that our clients are not investing in excessively speculative products or securities.

Toronto is the capital city of the province of Ontario and home to the largest concentration of financial services professionals across the entire Americas. We serve private individuals and families from N. America to Europe and with our corporate trading division strategically located in Tokyo, Japan, we have unrivalled access to Asia’s high yielding emerging markets, access to corporate resources, private equity and global mergers and acquisitions.

If you wish to open an account with Monex Financial, please contact your local office and ask for an available investment advisor who can find the solution that best suits you. Alternatively go to our Open Account page and download the relevant documentation and you will be assigned a personal broker to deal with your needs.